Welcome to Zero Parallax

My real name is Neil Keleher and this blog is my second attempt at publicizing Basic Principles. You can see my first attempt at basicprinciples.wordpress.com. I changed the name to zero parallax because it sounds cool. Something about the “Z” sound. Z for Sexy!

Most of the searches I did on Basic Principles came up pretty lame, basic principles of accounting, basic principles of life, well that was what I was trying to write about but those sites were religious in nature. This site isn’t religious. It could be spiritual.

I am spiritual and I’m a yoga teacher. Well, I call myself a yoga teacher but I like to think of myself as someone who helps people to learn their body. Why? So that they can be free within it, free to realize the ultimate potential of their body, like getting into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and rather than driving it like a beat up old Ford or Chevrolet, driving it like the car it is. And maybe some of us do have Fords or Chevies, and that’s okay too. The point is understanding what we have so that we can use it. And if we like upgrade or customize where possible.

Learning to feel the body isn’t hard. Nor is yoga hard. It can actually be quite easy and the results are a body that feels good. I do Tai Ji and I’m just starting to learn dance as well and the thing that is common to them all is the body, and because I’ve learned to feel my body, to sense it, to make it and my mind one, I’m getting better at being able to make it do what I want it to do because I know what it is capable of. I’m 39 years old and my body is getting better.

But zero parallax is more than understanding (and more importantly being able to feel or sense) our body. It is understanding life and the things in it. If we understand our body or if we understand ourselves in the context of what is around us we can use that understanding in any situation that we like because we understand basic principles. We see the truth, whichever view of it is the most useful at the time.

Let me clarify. I’m gonna clarify. The truth. Most of us probably take it for granted these days that light acts like a particle and a wave. Scientists developed the idea of Quanta to package both of these properties. Before that there were arguments as to which view of light was right. Some said it was a wave others said it was a particle. Both parties found ways to prove that they were right. The thing was that they were both right. Light is both. It depends on the circumstances that you look at in. With this deeper understanding came greater insights. More freedom. (trace electronic theory back to that...)

And at it’s heart that is what zero parallax is about, understanding that whatever we look at we all have slightly different points of view but it is all of those views together that provide the real truth. And so this is my point of view of the world, slightly different than yours but given in the hopes that we can all increase our understanding of all that is.
And looking for a reason for life, perhaps that is what we are here for, to each experience life in our own unique way so that all that is can know itself. And all that is knows itself by us sharing all our different points of view.